who!cares is a super simple app where
you can check in on the people you
love and care about on a daily basis.

See it live

A place where you can create safe spaces with the people you care about the most, where every day you can instantly see how they are feeling that day. Each user can instantly update their status quite literally with one simple tap. 

Made with love for tentwenty*

who!cares* was created during hard times in 2019.
Ability to set status and get initial feedback from people you care about.
Audience 18, 30, 60+. Implemented accessibility for elder people.
Adding status users staying in touch during this time (Covid 19).
The user can add a custom or choose one from existing.

*who!cares (WHO—World Health Organiszation)

The design system has a flexible component structure.
Figma Autolayout, (1st part showed only).
Using proper layout, details to perform better development.
All elements are prepared carefully.


(971) 50-182-54-76 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.