baraka is a cutting-edge investment app that distinguishes itself in the financial market with its extensive suite of innovative products, advanced analytical tools, and real-time market insights tailored for the discerning investor.

By focusing on user-centric design and intuitive interfaces, baraka is committed to not only keeping pace with industry trends but setting them, ensuring that it remains a leader in facilitating informed investment decisions.

Every aspect of design was crafted with love and attention to detail.


baraka's foremost objective was to elevate the platform's user experience and visual identity. Achieving this was essential not only to draw in new users but also to kep current ones engaged in a competitive landscape filled with a bundant options.


The redesign was implemented in phases to ensure a smooth transition for existing users and to gather feeback at each stage. User testing and feedback played a crucial role in

Refining the features and functionalities. The development team worked closely with design and user experience experts to ensure that every aspect of the platform was optimized for user satisfaction.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates.